Being in the Flow

Dakota Ridge. Its in our back yard. I discovered it six or seven years ago with my friend Jessica Huntington, before the road was consistently plowed. It is another hidden gem on the coast if you haven’t been before. The ultimate winter recreational place to go! Once you hit the snow line   you feel transported to another country!
We were there for opening day which was last Friday. The cat and grader were finishing up the parking lot for the public. Chains are recommended always to get to the top, but it is possible to make it up in an all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicle.
The quonset warming hut and the the nice big sign greeted us the the head of the trails. Apparently the volunteers have been very busy blazing new cross country trails for the cross country and skate skiers. We were there to snow shoe, and just enjoy the morning!

Nancy, Jessica and I have been friends for many years. Its pretty safe to say we are all, in some way, adrenal adventure junkies! And we hadn’t had a chance to get together for quite some time. The scenery was just amazing!
We actually were talking so much and so fast that we thought we would try to be more meditative and just listen to the silence. Um, that didn’t last the full minute 😉


In total we did a couple of loops, 6k, and broke trail in some spots! what a great workout!
The cameras did come out. A lot. It truly is breathtaking to be up that high in the alpine! (thank you to Jess for the Iphone shot of me, and Nancy for trying out the big camera!)
We finished up in the warming hut, with the essential snow shower’s care package that Nancy prepared!

What an incredible day! Thank you to Nancy’s husband Craig for snapping a shot of the three of us!

As we were leaving we ran into a student that Jess knows. She explained that she was actually doing a paper on what this special experience is called. She said it is “being in the flow”  and “having a high quality recreational experience.”  And yes, I’d say it was!


BOKEH – what??

What is that? It is what a lot of photographers work on to make their subjects stand out from the background. Its the “creamy blurring” in the background, its those beautiful little dots that appear when shot with a certain lens. It is pronounced “BOW (as in bow tie) and KE like the sound when you say KEN.

This session was all about BOKEH. It takes practice and practice and some more practice. It takes switching up your lens collection to acheive what you are looking for in your photo. And since Magic Hour is such an amazing time of the day to do a session and provides the nicest lighting, we took our willing models Odin the long haired Weimeramer and Brycie, my beautiful 5 months pregnant daughter down to the Thompson River in Kamloops. Kamloops is known for their amazing sunsets and the river is always glass flat providing even more lighting to give us some great bokeh!

I think Odin has been my favorite model so far! This first photo really makes me smile. A lot of great things happening with the sunset, the color of the dog, the lighting. Everything was perfect!
And here’s my beautiful daughter at 5 months. Baby is kicking up a storm she tells me! Due this spring, her Dad and I can’t wait!

And my most favorite photographer ever! – Stacey with her fur pal.


And this is something I am passionate about. Stacy and I love pulling some fun techniques out of the bag to try. I’m not much of a photoshop girl, and these few shots have something a little special in them! More bokeh!
It was starting to get really dark and cold. Brycie didn’t complain too much, but I couldn’t feel my hands! So this last one the bokeh really got big, and the darkness added more drama to the shot!
And after a cappuchino and hot chocolate at our favorite coffee shop we headed indoors to create some crazy bokeh and sillhoettes inside! I’d love to hear what you think!


Roger, Jodie and family

❤ This family!
This is the second time I’ve had the honour of capturing this fun loving family! Last time I did a photo session was two years ago, and Cyprian was just a little wee baby!
These two kids are so cute! Little boys are so busy! And Autumn just may be a florist one day!

Could this family get any cuter!
Its so nice to see siblings loving each other, although I’m not sure if Cyprian likes his sister carting him everywhere! He’s almost too big!

Mom and dad – ❤ this shot! You can tell that they are watching their kids in this photo. Love is just all over their faces!

This next photo was requested as we had done the same exact pose two years previous! The kids are so much bigger now! Not sure which one I like more!



Seriously! Cyprian has my heart. He went and found a flower for his mom to give to her! And Autumn found one too!2015-11-12_0063.jpg
A few shots of mom and dad too!


Brandee, Jeremy, Lexi and Parker

Fall colors! It really is the most colorful time of the year to head on out for family photos on the Sunshine Coast!

I donated this family session to a fund raiser for Alzhiemer’s Disease last year. Brandee and family were the recipients! She contacted me right away and wanted to wait for fall and I don’t blame her! We have so much color here on the coast! The park at Roberts Creek has a ton of fallen maple leaves, the perfect spot to have a fall family photography session!


Little boys always love cuddles on their momma’s shoulders ❤


And Lexie has the most beautiful hair! Wow, its sooo long! How is that even possible??!!


And this is the second session in just a few months that Canuck colors have showed up!

All those fallen maple leaves are so fun to play in! and dumping on your little brothers head! 😉

And what good sports the kids were that weekend! It was a little nippy out, making for some little red noses!


CAMP RUBY – 1st Annual YMCA Ladies event Oct/15

This event is closely tied to the Ruby Slipper Fund. I believe it was started as a twinkle in Brenda Rowe’s eye a few years ago and finally came to life! I’m not sure anyone really had an idea of what to expect, but it surpassed anything I could have imagined! There were many events and special things planned for the ladies that attended, from my photowalk, to yoga, kayaking, painting/art and the High Ropes.
We were all greeted by some of the organizers! First our bedding and clothing had to be “baked” and sanitized and then onto memosas! YUM! The first event planned was a group Zumba class. As well as a motivational chat from Tanis Frame! The zumba class was instructed by Diaya, and it sure got the ladies moving and grooving!

I was leading the photowalk, and hoped I could help some of the ladies learn a few things. My hope is that everyone learned something new and have some great photos to document their weekend!

We followed the beautiful trails down to the waterfront, and got some great shots along the way. So many interesting things to capture, from the huge teredo eaten log, to an old cabin nestled in the woods. If this place could only talk!

The weather was simply nothing short of spectacular! Brigette, our yoga instructor was able to take the ladies to the wharf and give a relaxing, soothing class in the warmth of the fall sun. From what I understand, it was nurturing, relaxing and just what those ladies needed!
Our group of photographers! and a bit of the stunning scenery!

The next set of entertainment planned with a dinner in the hall by the water. The theme was Mama Mia and dress up was an option. Well, it was so fun! Makeup, wigs, brides and lots of laughs – right Kaitlyn Gender!!! 😉
I think its safe to say everyone had a great night and the food was THE BEST! Along with watching Mama Mia on the big screen, ladies were singing along and most had a photostrip or two done at the Fresh Air Photobooth! (pictures will be posted to a separate online gallery, please enquire)
The morning after we were greeted with the yummiest warm cinnamon buns, danish pastry, fresh juice and yogurt! and then onto the last of the planned activities. Offered in the morning was another round of yoga, kayaking and the High Ropes. I think its safe to say the the Leap of Faith on the high ropes really was a leap of faith! I’m so stoked to be able to say I jumped off that telephone pole from the top! (and I think Barb can say the same!)


We finished with a brunch and another chat with Tanis frame and a group photo! Please look for our weekend masterpiece that everyone added something special to! I believe that may show up at the Ruby Slipper Event in April! I wish i could have attended all the events and photographed everything! There is always next year!!! Everyone is certainly buzzing about what an amazing weekend it was and how they would like 2 nights, not one and it can’t happen fast enough!

Thank you ladies for having me, so proud to have been a small part of this event that does so much for our community!


Brian and Christine Wilson – Garden Bay Lake

Brian and Christine Wilson! What a gorgeous day at Garden Bay Lake. The weather could not have been better and the Kokanee’s any colder!
This wedding was so incredible, filled with love, family and friends. Garden Bay is just so amazing. The landscape is so different than the rest of the coast!  The bride and groom exchanged vows at the bride’s parents home. It could not have been more perfect!


A huge thank you to my second shooter – Kaylan MacLaughlin!

Makeup and Hair by Kaitlin Hargreaves for the bride

Lauren Adams of Sechelt, hairdressor for the bridesmaids!









You may or may not have noticed at this wedding, but there seems to be a rivalry between a Garden Bay Bride/Canucks and a groom from Calgary and the Flames. And the theme seems to be Konanee blue??








My very first blog!

Well, I’m jumping into the world of blogging.  I’m not really sure what I’m doing, so bear with me!  So many things happened in February for Fresh Air Photography!  The biggest thing is that I attended WPPI, which is the largest Wedding Photographer’s convention there is in Las Vegas!  At the convention I attended a number of hands on workshops and got to learn from some of the best!  The following are some of the pictures I captured.  Keep in mind, I would have liked to have had the best position possible to get my shot, but was juggling and jockeying for position with about 30 other photogs at all times.  Next time, I’m putting my hockey skills to use and getting my spot 😉

The first workshop was all about posing, lighting and capturing the moment!  Loved every minute of this.  The couple was as cute as can be!  Seriously, these beards the young guys have are crazy!  We had the pleasure of photographing this couple at the MGM poolside gardens.  Just Gorgeous!  It was a little chilly out, so didn’t have to fight the crowds around the pool!