Being in the Flow

Dakota Ridge. Its in our back yard. I discovered it six or seven years ago with my friend Jessica Huntington, before the road was consistently plowed. It is another hidden gem on the coast if you haven’t been before. The ultimate winter recreational place to go! Once you hit the snow line   you feel transported to another country!
We were there for opening day which was last Friday. The cat and grader were finishing up the parking lot for the public. Chains are recommended always to get to the top, but it is possible to make it up in an all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicle.
The quonset warming hut and the the nice big sign greeted us the the head of the trails. Apparently the volunteers have been very busy blazing new cross country trails for the cross country and skate skiers. We were there to snow shoe, and just enjoy the morning!

Nancy, Jessica and I have been friends for many years. Its pretty safe to say we are all, in some way, adrenal adventure junkies! And we hadn’t had a chance to get together for quite some time. The scenery was just amazing!
We actually were talking so much and so fast that we thought we would try to be more meditative and just listen to the silence. Um, that didn’t last the full minute 😉


In total we did a couple of loops, 6k, and broke trail in some spots! what a great workout!
The cameras did come out. A lot. It truly is breathtaking to be up that high in the alpine! (thank you to Jess for the Iphone shot of me, and Nancy for trying out the big camera!)
We finished up in the warming hut, with the essential snow shower’s care package that Nancy prepared!

What an incredible day! Thank you to Nancy’s husband Craig for snapping a shot of the three of us!

As we were leaving we ran into a student that Jess knows. She explained that she was actually doing a paper on what this special experience is called. She said it is “being in the flow”  and “having a high quality recreational experience.”  And yes, I’d say it was!


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