BOKEH – what??

What is that? It is what a lot of photographers work on to make their subjects stand out from the background. Its the “creamy blurring” in the background, its those beautiful little dots that appear when shot with a certain lens. It is pronounced “BOW (as in bow tie) and KE like the sound when you say KEN.

This session was all about BOKEH. It takes practice and practice and some more practice. It takes switching up your lens collection to acheive what you are looking for in your photo. And since Magic Hour is such an amazing time of the day to do a session and provides the nicest lighting, we took our willing models Odin the long haired Weimeramer and Brycie, my beautiful 5 months pregnant daughter down to the Thompson River in Kamloops. Kamloops is known for their amazing sunsets and the river is always glass flat providing even more lighting to give us some great bokeh!

I think Odin has been my favorite model so far! This first photo really makes me smile. A lot of great things happening with the sunset, the color of the dog, the lighting. Everything was perfect!
And here’s my beautiful daughter at 5 months. Baby is kicking up a storm she tells me! Due this spring, her Dad and I can’t wait!

And my most favorite photographer ever! – Stacey with her fur pal.


And this is something I am passionate about. Stacy and I love pulling some fun techniques out of the bag to try. I’m not much of a photoshop girl, and these few shots have something a little special in them! More bokeh!
It was starting to get really dark and cold. Brycie didn’t complain too much, but I couldn’t feel my hands! So this last one the bokeh really got big, and the darkness added more drama to the shot!
And after a cappuchino and hot chocolate at our favorite coffee shop we headed indoors to create some crazy bokeh and sillhoettes inside! I’d love to hear what you think!



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