CAMP RUBY – 1st Annual YMCA Ladies event Oct/15

This event is closely tied to the Ruby Slipper Fund. I believe it was started as a twinkle in Brenda Rowe’s eye a few years ago and finally came to life! I’m not sure anyone really had an idea of what to expect, but it surpassed anything I could have imagined! There were many events and special things planned for the ladies that attended, from my photowalk, to yoga, kayaking, painting/art and the High Ropes.
We were all greeted by some of the organizers! First our bedding and clothing had to be “baked” and sanitized and then onto memosas! YUM! The first event planned was a group Zumba class. As well as a motivational chat from Tanis Frame! The zumba class was instructed by Diaya, and it sure got the ladies moving and grooving!

I was leading the photowalk, and hoped I could help some of the ladies learn a few things. My hope is that everyone learned something new and have some great photos to document their weekend!

We followed the beautiful trails down to the waterfront, and got some great shots along the way. So many interesting things to capture, from the huge teredo eaten log, to an old cabin nestled in the woods. If this place could only talk!

The weather was simply nothing short of spectacular! Brigette, our yoga instructor was able to take the ladies to the wharf and give a relaxing, soothing class in the warmth of the fall sun. From what I understand, it was nurturing, relaxing and just what those ladies needed!
Our group of photographers! and a bit of the stunning scenery!

The next set of entertainment planned with a dinner in the hall by the water. The theme was Mama Mia and dress up was an option. Well, it was so fun! Makeup, wigs, brides and lots of laughs – right Kaitlyn Gender!!! 😉
I think its safe to say everyone had a great night and the food was THE BEST! Along with watching Mama Mia on the big screen, ladies were singing along and most had a photostrip or two done at the Fresh Air Photobooth! (pictures will be posted to a separate online gallery, please enquire)
The morning after we were greeted with the yummiest warm cinnamon buns, danish pastry, fresh juice and yogurt! and then onto the last of the planned activities. Offered in the morning was another round of yoga, kayaking and the High Ropes. I think its safe to say the the Leap of Faith on the high ropes really was a leap of faith! I’m so stoked to be able to say I jumped off that telephone pole from the top! (and I think Barb can say the same!)


We finished with a brunch and another chat with Tanis frame and a group photo! Please look for our weekend masterpiece that everyone added something special to! I believe that may show up at the Ruby Slipper Event in April! I wish i could have attended all the events and photographed everything! There is always next year!!! Everyone is certainly buzzing about what an amazing weekend it was and how they would like 2 nights, not one and it can’t happen fast enough!

Thank you ladies for having me, so proud to have been a small part of this event that does so much for our community!



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