My very first blog!

Well, I’m jumping into the world of blogging.  I’m not really sure what I’m doing, so bear with me!  So many things happened in February for Fresh Air Photography!  The biggest thing is that I attended WPPI, which is the largest Wedding Photographer’s convention there is in Las Vegas!  At the convention I attended a number of hands on workshops and got to learn from some of the best!  The following are some of the pictures I captured.  Keep in mind, I would have liked to have had the best position possible to get my shot, but was juggling and jockeying for position with about 30 other photogs at all times.  Next time, I’m putting my hockey skills to use and getting my spot 😉

The first workshop was all about posing, lighting and capturing the moment!  Loved every minute of this.  The couple was as cute as can be!  Seriously, these beards the young guys have are crazy!  We had the pleasure of photographing this couple at the MGM poolside gardens.  Just Gorgeous!  It was a little chilly out, so didn’t have to fight the crowds around the pool!


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